Röben Tonbaustoffe GmbH, Zetel, Germany
Kopfkunst, Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH, Münster, Germany
Project Team
  • Simon Hattrup (Creative Direction)
  • Florian Zimmermann (Senior Art Direction)
  • Jens Kallfelz (Strategic Planning)
  • Dirk Knepper (Production)
  • Christoph Lojak (Web Design)
  • Dennis Harwardt (Animation Design)
  • Marc Fielers (Text)

With this campaign, the German clinker manufacturer Röben made a statement in support of creativity in the construction industry. Specifically addressing architects, it features the motto “Sie haben die Idee. Wir den Stein dazu.” (You’ve got the idea. We’ve got the brick.) – a promise that the campaign reflects in a visually appealing manner. In the midst of complex, kaleidoscope-like architectural images, it shows clinker bricks as a building material that can be used creatively. Published both online and in print, visually stunning motifs and videos aim to encourage architects to hold onto their original ideas and implement them together with Röben.